Everything you need to know

Hearing Aid Products


Without hearing devices (products), hearing better would be quite the challenge! Quality hearing devices, backed by reputable manufacturers, are the tools we use to provide better hearing. We are independent and free to choose whatever product will provide the best outcome with no obligation to purchase products from anyone – meaning you get the best product for your individual needs and therefore, the best hearing possible.  While every company carries a hearing device to fit every level of hearing loss, every person perceives sound differently and can prefer the unique sound profile of certain manufacturers compared to others.


We fit hearing devices from the following companies: Widex, Phonak, Unitron, GN Resound, Oticon, Signia, and Starkey.

Do you have a hearing aid from a different manufacturer and would like help with it? Chances are yes, we can help, although there are certain devices which are “private labeled” and you can only get service (repairs and adjustments) from offices which carry that private label such as NuEar, Miracle Ear, Beltone, Audigy, etc… However, if you are questioning how well they are working, we can assess that in our office no matter where you got the hearing aids and who makes them.


Styles of hearing aids include Receiver in the ear (RIC or RITE), in the ear, in the canal (ITC), completely in the canal (CIC), invisible in the canal (IIC), and behind the ear (BTE). There are also hybrid styles which have become more popular.

Additionally, we are providers for the Lyric extended wear hearing aid, which is a hearing device inserted deep into your ear canal which can stay in place for months at a time. It is invisible, no batteries to change, shower with it, wear headphones, etc.

What style is best for you? Everyone is different and we work with all styles, so you get something that is comfortable, and provides you with the best hearing possible.

Assistive Listening Devices and Accessories

Sometimes hearing aids may not be enough to help you hear well in all situations, no matter how well they are fit – it is the nature of the beast. Many different accessories and other devices exist which provide additional help such as

  • Infrared or FM systems
  • Loop systems
  • Amplified and captioned phones
  • T-coil neck loops
  • Amplified alarm clocks
  • Bed shakers
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Door bell signaler
  • Telephone signaler
  • Vibrating wrist watches
  • TV listening systems
  • Hearing aid compatible stethoscope
  • Custom hearing protection
  • Bluetooth accessories
  • And much more!

Earmolds / Custom Hearing Protection

We can provide custom earmolds for hearing devices and custom hearing protection, regardless of whether you have a hearing loss or not. We take a custom impression, order the product, and ensure the proper and comfortable fit in your ear.